Welcome to my blog: “Honey Badger Reflections” where I share random thoughts about what I have experienced and digested from this human adventure. The nickname Honey Badger was bestowed upon me at a time when it was imperative for me to be “aggressively” clear with my boundaries. The ‘medicine’ of Badger has taught me to stand firmly in my own truth and given me the courage to share it with others.

Has it been difficult for you to remain true to yourself in a world that highly values conformity? Have you ever known something to be true only to have it rejected by family, friends, and others? Have you been called a rebel more times than you would would like to admit? You are not alone; your original ideas are needed to make this world a better place so please speak up and share your insights and reactions about what I have written. Please feel free to be yourself as we create a community where authenticity is highly valued.

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